Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 requirement

View our flexibility requirements for 2024-2028 and find out how to get involved.

Our Autumn tender asks flexibility providers for 413MW of flexibility in 29 locations across Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester with up to £7m revenue available for the provision of these services. This procurement round is taking place on the PicloFlex platform and potential providers are encouraged to visit the platform and complete company qualification by signing up to the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and uploading assets prior to participating in this procurement round.

Full details of our Autumn requirements including postcodes, delivery windows, capacity required, response type (product) and ceiling prices can be viewed on our interactive flexibility map on the right, within Appendix 3 of our Invitation to Tender below, on our new Open Data Portal and on Piclo.

We are procuring three common products for this tender: Secure (pre-fault), Dynamic (post-fault) and Restore (post-fault). Energy Efficiency measures can also provide flexible services through each of the three products, by installing energy efficiency schemes that reduce long term energy demand. Find out more about each of our products in the helpful guides section of our document library. We also have an FAQs page which includes sections on our most frequently asked flexibility services questions including technical requirements and how to participate through the adoption of energy efficiency measures.


Follow these steps on PicloFlex to take part in our tenders:

  1. Complete Commercial Qualification by Friday 19 January 2024. View our Commerical Qualification document for guidance on criteria and example answers.
  2. Register and upload your assets.
  3. Qualify your assets by completing technical qualification by Friday 26 January 2024 
  4. Confirm participation or withdraw from competition. 
  5. Assuming your asset(s) meet the requirements of this tender, you will be able to submit a bid for the provision of Flexible Services. More information on how to submit a bid can be found here.
  6. Once all bids have been assessed by Electricity North West, successful participants will be notified via Piclo. 


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