Future energy

Future energy

We are making the North West's electricity network ready for a future with less carbon. We are doing this by investing in new equipment, technology and innovation. By investing now, we are enabling our customers to make the switch to low carbon technologies like electric vehicles, safe in the knowledge that the network will be able to meet the extra demand and continue to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply.


Explore the areas contributing to the future of our network

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Electricity North West is at the forefront of delivering the future of energy. We are investing in new technologies, services and innovation to make our network more efficient, reliable, and flexible.

We are digitising our network using smart grid technologies to monitor and control the network more effectively. This helps us to reduce costs, improve reliability, and support the connection of low carbon technologies. Our goal is to provide a low cost, reliable network that meets the needs of those living and working in the North West.

Data and Digitalisation

We are leading the way in using data and digitalisation to transform the electricity distribution network in the North West. We are using data to improve the efficiency and reliability of the network, to develop new flexibility services, and to support the transition to a net zero energy system.

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Facilitating Net Zero

Our role focuses on facilitating net zero. This means helping the North West to transition to a low carbon future. Here you can find guides to help and support you on your own net zero journey as well as support for local authorities with local area energy planning.

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Distribution System Operation

Distribution system operation or DSO refers to the systems and processes needed to operate energy networks in the net zero carbon future.

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Flexibility Hub

Flexibility services are a key part of the transition to a net zero energy system. They allow us to balance supply and demand for electricity in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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Community and local energy

Helping local communities to reduce, manage, generate and purchase their own energy.

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By combining new technology and creative thinking we are providing real solutions to real problems and meeting the challenges of the net zero carbon future.

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Electrical losses

Find out about our approach to electrical losses - the difference between the energy entering the network and the energy received by customers.

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Climate adaptation

Find out how we adapt our network to the effects of climate change.

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Whole systems register

As we transition to net zero, we may work with other industries to develop solutions together. This collaborative working is known as 'whole system'.

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