Our innovation strategy

Innovation strategy

Our innovation strategy forms an integral part of our business plan and is key to our success. It sets out our values, why we innovate for our customers and how we ensure we deliver value for them through a series of innovative projects.

Our innovation strategy

Our innovation strategy sets out the challenges faced by our business and our industry, our approach to using innovation to address these challenges, and the principles and themes that guide our thinking and the development of our innovation projects.

It describes how innovation will help to address the challenges of the energy system transition, while maintaining a safe and reliable network and ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities can benefit from changes we make elsewhere in the energy industry.

The document outlines:

  • Five principles that support our innovation decision-making
  • Our innovation themes which ensure our plans are aligned with the energy industry and supported by stakeholders
  • Our innovation life cycle, which ensures we take a fit-for-purpose approach to delivering our projects and ensuring their rapid transition to business as usual.

To find out more about our strategy see our latest strategy document.

National innovation strategy

As the voice of Great Britain's electricity and gas networks, Energy Networks Association (ENA) publishes a national electricity innovation strategy at least every two years.

The strategy aims to identify the most important challenges and opportunities facing Great Britain’s energy networks in supporting the delivery of our net zero carbon emissions targets, and delivering essential services to customers.

The latest strategy document can be found below.

Innovation strategy documents

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