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Engaging with our stakeholders

Engaging with our stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of Electricity North West. From developing our long-term strategy, to enhancing our day-to-day processes. We know that engaging with our stakeholders will deliver better long-term outcomes for us and our region.

We are an integral part of the North West and play a key role in the development and delivery of the ambitions of the region. The way households and businesses use electricity and the way it is generated, transported and used is rapidly changing. These changes require us to be more proactive and adaptable in network management, understanding these changes and their impact means that we need to deliver a variety of flexible relationships with our stakeholders.

Engagement with our stakeholders is vital to how we run our business and makes our business better, it’s vital that we develop strong relationships with stakeholders so that together we can deliver the ambitious plans of our dynamic region.We take pride in serving the North West now and in the future.

These pages outline the approach we take to stakeholder engagement, how we engage and the outcomes it delivers. However, we always love to hear your views and ideas, and you can contact us by emailing the team at

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