Tips to help during a power cut

Tips to help you during a power cut

Once you've reported your power cut, follow our helpful tips to keep you comfortable until the power comes back on.

Stair lift

Check your stair lift has a handle that will allow you to manually move the stair lift, so that you can safely return the stair lift to ground level in the event of a power cut. Most stair lifts have a battery backup.

Fish and reptiles

Your tropical fish or reptiles should be ok for a couple of hours without power. After this you may need to unplug your filters to stop toxins entering the water. Cover the tank with a blanket to keep the heat in and if oxygen is needed take a small cup of the tank water and pour it back in or make a figure of eight in the water.

Fridge freezer

Keep your fridge freezer door closed to protect the contents, chilled and frozen food should last for several hours. You can also cover your freezer with blankets while your electricity is off to give extra insulation and refer to your manufacturers guidelines for more information.

Electrical appliances

Switch off all electrical appliances that are not designed to run unattended, for example: cookers, grills, chip pans, hair straighteners and electric fires.


Leave at least one light on in the house so you know when your electricity is back on.

Keep warm

Dress warmly in several layers of clothes, wear a hat to help keep the heat in and try to stay active to help stimulate circulation.

Electrical devices

Your electronic devices will run out of charge, limit their use for emergencies. Some devices may have a low power mode this will help to reduce the amount of charge used.

Solar panels

Solar panels should operate automatically without an electricity supply. Switch off your system and check with your operator or refer to your manufacturers guidelines.

What you should check when your electricity comes back on

Electronic clocks

Reset the time on any electric timing or recording device.


Check your timer to make sure it is correct. Reset the timer and thermostat as soon as your electricity comes back on.

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