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Metering Point Administration Service

Metering Point Administration Service

 What is MPAS?

 In order to allow people to change their supply company (the company you pay your bills to), every property has its own unique reference number called a Meter Point Administration Number also known as an MPAN.  This number is held on a national register, known as Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) which maintains technical and other associated data.


Who can request the MPAN of a property?

 You must be (or are going to be) the owner or occupier of the property to request this information.


Contact information for customers

 If you are a customer you can find out who your supplier is with our online tool.

If you would like to find out your MPAN then call us on 0800 195 4141 (select option 3)

If you are a Landlord, a representative from the Local Authority and/or have multiple requests then email us at


Contact information for suppliers

 If you are trying to find out the MPAN of a property then please visit

If you are a supplier or data aggregator and have a request or query on any of the following then please email us at 

  • Dataflow rejections 
  • MAP 04 Manual Amendments
  • Selective Refresh
  • Full Refresh
  • Dataflow Resends
  • Ad-hoc Reports
  • Transactional Invoice
  • Selective Refresh
  • Full Refresh
  • Transactional Invoice

If you have an address update query then please email us at