Staying safe at home

Staying safe at home

Potential hazards can lurk in our homes, but by following some simple steps, we can make our living spaces safer and more enjoyable.


Our houses may have hidden dangers, but there are easy steps we can take to make them safer and happier places to live.

From being aware of potential dangers associated with our home boiler, learning about flood preparedness or requesting a free home safety check from fire and rescue services, we've gathered advice and tips from our charity partners in the North West to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.


Hear from our partners...

Gas and carbon monoxide safety

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can make you seriously ill if you breathe it in. We've checked in with our friends at Cadent Gas, to highlight the dangers and provide their expert advice on how you can keep your household safe.

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Preparing for a flood

Household floods can happen anytime of the year but being prepared could help to keep you and your household safe. Our partners at United Utilities share their top tips on the important steps you should take if your home is at risk of being flooded.

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Fire safety in the home

With many hidden dangers around the home, our partners at Fire & Rescue share their advice on how you can help to keep your household safe, prevent accidental fires and even book a free home safety check if you need to a little extra support.

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Summer advice - UK Met Office

Summer plans in the works? Keep in mind that the weather could play a role. Stay ahead with advice from the UK Met Office on 10 things to do now to get ready for summer

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Looking for more helpful hints and tips? Take a peek at this concise video from Independent Age, which offers extra suggestions to keep you and your loved ones safe.





There are times when speaking on a 999 call becomes impossible. It could be because of ongoing hearing or speech difficulties, or an unexpected medical event like a stroke, asthma attack, or allergic reaction that hampers your ability to communicate. That's where Tap SOS comes in handy - it's a non-verbal method to connect with the Emergency Services.

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