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Stakeholder engagement publications

Stakeholder engagement publications

Here are our stakeholder engagement publications.

Stakeholder Engagement Newsletters

Read the latest stakeholder engagement news from in and around our business.

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Ofgem stakeholder engagement incentive scheme 2018/19  

Annual submission to our regulator, Ofgem's, scheme to demonstrate our stakeholder engagement strategy and outcomes.

Ofgem stakeholder engagement incentive scheme 

View previous annual submissions to our regulator, Ofgem's scheme to demonstrate our stakeholder engagement strategy and outcomes.

Strategic Direction Statement 2017 Consultation Paper  

The Strategic Direction Statement explains our role in the energy industry, the services we provide and the assets we own and manage, but also our longer-term outlook on our role.

strategic-direction-statement-2017-v3.pdf Download strategic-direction-statement-2017-v3.pdf

AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard (AA1000APS)

Independent assurance report on our statement of stakeholder engagement activities

Sustainability report

Annual report detailing our strategy and initiatives in corporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement. Our reporting is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Sustainability Reporting guidelines

Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index report

Benchmarking report which helps organisations identify both the strengths in their management and performance, and the gaps where future progress can be made. We aim to achieve gold status (>90%) by 2018

Independent standards and accreditations

Independent accreditations show that organisations are committed to achieving a set standard in various fields for example environmental management or health and safety

Strategic direction statement

Our annual strategic direction statement shows our plans for the future of the network. including how we have responded to stakeholder feedback

Carbon footprint report

An annual report on our carbon footprint 

Losses strategy- April 2015

Our losses strategy outlines how we plan to reduce any 'losses' over the coming year

Climate Change Adaption Report

Through the Energy Networks Association (ENA), we have worked with Ofgem, DECC and other DNOs to develop this report, which outlines our response to the challenges of climate change

Undergrounding for Visual Amenity

This document sets out our process for scheme selection and design for the undergrounding of overhead lines in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty 

Well Justified Business Plan 2015-2023

Our Well Justified Business Plan sets out our strategic direction to ensure we provide efficient services which meet the needs of our customers and key stakeholders.

View our business plan