Restoration following a power cut

Restoration following a power cut

Electricity North West's priority following an unplanned power cut is to restore power for our customers as soon as possible. 

There are two ways we can do this, permanent restoration or temporary restoration. 


Permament restoration types

A permanent restoration is when we have been able to complete all the repairs. This gives us a resilient and reliable network for our customers; although we can never guarantee that your power won't be impacted by an unplanned or planned power cut in the future. 


Temporary restoration

A temporary restoration happens when complex repairs are required that can take time to fix. These types of restoration allow us to get power on quicker while we continue with the works. When there is a temporary restoration we may require a further disruption to your power so we can complete the permanent restoration, however we will always try to notify you beforehand.

Hints and tips

If you are currently experiencing an unplanned power cut and would like further information on what to do during a power cut please read more

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