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Powering your future

Spark your pupils’ curiosity about the world around them and explore ways in which electricity works in their everyday lives, what a future in electricity looks like and inspire the next generation of engineers. Resources appropriate for ages 7 - 16 year olds.

Bright Sparks

We provide KS2 and KS3 electricity and safety workshops and online resources designed to spark children's curiosity about the world of electricity from electrical circuits to electricity safety and sustainability.

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Safety Squad

Join our safety squad to learn about how electricity can be very dangerous and even deadly and learn how to be a safety hero!

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Meet the people behind your power

Meet the people that power the network that powers your day. Videos available.

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Meet our apprentices

Empowering the next generation through our craft and high level apprenticeships.

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Electricity distribution

All you need to know about how electricity is currently distributed and used. Resources available.

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Future of electricity

All you need to know about the future of electricity. Video available.

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