Project partners

Project partners

We will work with a number of partners and key suppliers on the QUEST project, each a leading expert in their field either in research, technology or customer engagement.

Our partners on QUEST are Schneider Electric (SE), Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS), Fundamentals Ltd, National Grid ESO and Impact Research. 

Schneider Electric (SE)

SE drives digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies to realise efficiency and sustainability opportunities. SE’s previous, relevant experience includes the design of our new Network Management System (NMS), which will replace our current, bespoke NMS.

Role on project

The overarching control system will form part of our new NMS, therefore SE will:

  • Specify, design, and develop the overarching system
  • Assist with implementation of system

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS)

SGS is an energy management enterprise software company, with products used to manage power grids and market participation in energy systems with high penetrations of distributed, clean and flexible energy assets. SGS has valuable knowledge about operation of software systems such as ANM and has worked with a number of DNOs on this technique.

Role on project

  • Will help to define use cases and architecture
  • Will implement voltage control strategy in their system
  • Will conduct technical research, involving modelling, to inform control methodology and trial design
  • Will participate in trials
  • Will analyse trial data to identify benefits and update business case and carbon plan

Fundamentals Ltd

Fundamentals has expertise in end-to-end voltage control and management, desires to be at the leading edge of approaches, and previously worked on the roll-out of CLASS.

Role on project

  • Will help to define both hardware and software architecture and use cases
  • Will help to design control methodologies
  • Will implement voltage control strategy in their AVC relays

National Grid ESO

National Grid Energy System Operator (ESO) moves high voltage electricity from the point of generation, e.g. a wind farm, through the energy system. It has experience interacting with DNOs and using services such as CLASS.

Role on project

National Grid ESO will help to explore the expected benefits of QUEST for the transmission system, including real-time visibility of our network and dynamic adjustment of interface voltage parameters, for both steady state and emergency conditions.

Impact Research

Impact Research is a market research consultancy, which has worked on the customer element of some of our previous innovation projects, such as CLASS, Smart Street, Celsius, and VoLL2.

Role on project

  • Will assist with customer research, including engagement via surveys, interviews, and focus groups
  • Will support customer communications strategy