Accessing our services

Accessing our services

Throughout Electricity North West we are committed to providing tailored communications that are accessible for all our customers. Below are just some of ways we have adjusted our communications to support your needs.


Extra Care register

If we need to make any changes to help you access our services, or if you need a little extra help during a power cut, please sign up to our free Extra Care Register. Find out more and sign up here

Our website

We are delighted to work with ‘Recite Me’ to provide tailored website content to meet your individual needs. From the click of a button, our website can transform into 100 different languages, 35 of which include text to speech voices for anyone who would prefer to have the web pages read to them.

In addition, Recite Me provides helpful tools for people with visual impairments and hidden disabilities, including the ability to amend items such as colour and text sizing to provide a customised look that meets your needs.

To open the Recite Me feature, simply click on the ‘Accessibility help icon’ that can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of every web page.

Non-English-speaking customers

If you are a non-English speaking customer, in addition to ‘Recite me’, we have a host of extra care tools available.

Real time translation:

Reflecting our diverse communities, Electricity North West is delighted to partner with Big Word who can provide a real-time translation services in over 240 languages for customers who would like to call us.

Customer support guide:

Featuring our Extra Care register application form, our Customer Support Guide, is now available to download directly from our website in a variety of languages. Please select your preferred language at the bottom of this page.

Nominate a friend:

Our Extra Care register also offers a ‘nominate a friend’ service for any customer who would prefer updates, such as power cut information, to be sent to a friend or relative.

Just A Minute (of patience) Card:

Electricity North West is proud to become one of the first large businesses across Britain to recognise JAM Card.  Just A Minute Cards empowers anyone who experiences communication challenges to discreetly ask for an extra moment of patience.

To find out more about JAM Card, download the app or apply for your own card, visit

Braille, large print or alternative formats:

If you require any of our communications in an alternative format, please let us know. You can contact us by emailing or by calling us on 0800 195 41 41

Deaf or hard of hearing customers:

We are proud to partner with national charity, Royal Association for Deaf people, who provide services to deaf people in their first or preferred language, usually British Sign Language (BSL).

Over the next few months they will be supporting us to launch a series of signed videos, do let us know if there is a particular topic you would like us to cover.

Download our Customer Support Guide in your preferred language below:



Download ecr-info-booklet-arabic.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-french.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-hindi.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-polish.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-portuguese.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-punjabi.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-romanian.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-spanish.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-turkish.pdf


Download ecr-info-booklet-urdu.pdf