Introducing our QUEST project

The QUEST project will create an overarching control system to co-ordinate our voltage management techniques and allow us to fully exploit their benefits.

Building upon learning and outputs from previous projects, QUEST will identify and trial novel methods to deliver a business-ready solution which will integrate and optimise the techniques in use across the whole distribution system.

Proven technology will be combined with innovative software in our network management system to co-ordinate a number of discrete techniques already deployed on our network such as CLASS and Smart Street, and future systems such as active network management.

As well as boosting the benefits of existing voltage management techniques, the new control system will:

  • Ensure the network operates as efficiently as possible, optimising system voltage and minimising losses
  • Facilitate the increased connection and use of low carbon technologies
  • Maximise benefits to customers through energy consumption reduction
  • Maintain security of supply as we move towards a net zero carbon economy.

QUEST library

Complete list of project reports and other literature.

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QUEST project partners

Meet the partners that will help us to deliver the QUEST project.

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