Multiple interruptions

Multiple Interruptions

Multiple Interruptions

If your electricity keeps going on and off it could be that your power cut is a transient or intermittent fault. Power cuts caused by this type of fault are very difficult to locate underground as they are very small, you can watch our video below if you want to know more about transient faults.

What is a transient fault? 

Damage to cables can allow water to seep in, causing power cuts. When the moisture dries, the power can be restored, but the problem may happen again whilst we work to locate and fix the cable fault.

It can be very difficult to find the exact location of the damage on the cable, but we use new technology to help us find and fix it as quickly
as possible.

As we work towards repairing the cable we may need to turn your power off again so we can work safely to fix it permanently.

How to know if you are experiencing a multiple power cut issue:

  • Your lights in the house flicker on and off, including all of your appliances, however this may also be an issue with the voltage in your property
  • You may see the neighbours power going on and off repeatedly in the area

If you believe you may be impacted by a transient fault please call 105 to speak to one of our customer advisors. 

Find out if you're eligible for compensation for multiple power cuts

If your electricity supply fails because of a problem on our distribution system and you are without power for three hours or more, on four or more different occasions in any 12-month period starting on 1 April, you are entitled to a £90 payment. Because our systems are currently unable to readily provide us with this information, you must make a valid claim for this payment by the end of June following the end of the year to which the claim applies. In order for your claim to be verified you will need to provide the address of the premises affected and the dates of the electricity supply failures. Incidents for which a payment has already been made cannot be included in your claim.


Multiple Interruptions

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What is a multiple interruption and why do they happen