Business continuity

Business Continuity Planning

We want to help local businesses across the North West be as prepared for a power cut as possible.

At Electricity North West we look after the electricity cables up to your home or business, we're dedicated to providing you with a reliable electricity supply although sometimes power cuts do happen and often they are due to situations out of our control.

A few things to think about:

  • What are the risks to your business if you were involved in a power cut?
    • There may be activities that can continue without mains electricity but think about your manufacturing processes, refrigerated items, productivity, data storage, telephone lines, customer orders, accessing your building and key stakeholders that may be impacted by a power cut.
  • How long could you operate without electricity?
    • We will always work to restore your power as soon as possible but some repairs can take longer than others especially during severe weather conditions.
  • Staff wellbeing. 
    • Do any of your employees have vulnerabilities or disabilities that would require additional support during a power cut? Perhaps alternative lighting is needed? Will your water supply be impacted by a power cut?
  • Battery life. 
    • Could you manage on the battery life of your laptop or tablet? Keep a battery or solar charger to hand to rechange these electrical items. Also, if the wifi is down, is there a strong 4G connection to support your internet activities?
  • Are other locations a possibility?
    • Could your staff continue working from home, a temporary office or a hotel?

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Always let us know if you're involved in a power cut

Call us on 105 or 0800 195 4141 to report a power cut, damage to the network or a dangerous situation. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week.  

Check our live power cut information page for the latest planned and unplanned in your area.


Considering a generator?

After reviewing the impact of a power cut on your business you might feel like hiring a generator is the best option for you. Generator Power are our approved generator supplier, you can find out more about their services here.

Contact numbers

  • Generator Hire 01924 220055
  • Emergency Power 0845 6012187 

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