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Why become a priority services customer?

Why become a priority services customer?

When you sign up to the Priority Services Register you can access the following services.

To benefit from the services it is essential you keep your contact details up to date so we can stay in touch.

Password scheme - you can register a unique password so if we ever need to visit you at home you feel safe knowing we are who we say we are.                                

Communication - Once we are made aware of a power cut in your area our Welfare Team will make every effort to proactively contact you regarding the power cut. Power cuts can be planned or unplanned and as a priority customer we will: 

  • prioritise your call straight through to a dedicated team member
  • keep you up to date with text messages and phone calls to let you know when we expect your power to come back on
  • if it's planned maintenance works we will make contact with you six days before and send you a reminder one day before the expected power cut to help you prepare.

07786201716 is the number we will provide updates on, including warnings of bad weather that may cause power cuts.

Nominated contact - you can also nominate up to six friends, carers or family members to receive updates on your behalf or in addition to you. If you live on your own this can provide reassurance to friends or family or let them know you need assistance.

Welfare -  if our power cuts last all day we may provide additional welfare support such as:

  • hot food and drinks
  • blankets
  • flasks
  • analogue telephones
  • glow in the dark torches
  • small generators
  • alternative accomodation.

Dedicated welfare team - we have a team of customer service experts who have been trained to deal with sensitive situations and ensure we can support our customers who need that little bit of extra support whether this is over the phone or face to face.

We work with our partners to offer extra support to our customers such as:

  • MIND - to provide support for customers with mental health concerns.

For more information about the individual support for different circumstances visit our support pages.

Sharing is caring - we can share your Priority Services details with United Utilities, your provider of water and wastewater services across the North West. Want to know more about United Utilities Priority Services Register? Click here to find out.

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We can offer extra support to keep you safe and comfortable until the power is back on.

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