Help finding a warm place

Help finding a warm place

Community centers, libraries and other amazing organisations across the North West, have thrown open their doors to provide friendship, a hot cuppa and a warm welcome to anyone who needs it.


Across our region, leisure centres, cafés, hair dressers and more have transformed into free, safe, warm spaces, offering friendly companionship and a warm environment to spend your leisure time, what ever the weather

What is a warm space?

A warm space, is a free, friendly, safe and warm space you can access within your community. They may also be called warm spots, warm hubs, warm welcome etc.

Some warm spaces also offer a range of extra support services relating to the cost-of-living crisis (e.g. benefit support, debt advice, foodbanks, energy efficiency ideas/equipment etc).

Watch the video below from 'Warm Welcome' to find out more...

Where can I find a warm space?

Warm spaces are popping up across our region. Contact your local council for more information or take a look at Warm Welcome's interactive map.


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