Go net zero

Go net zero

In 2019, the UK became the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency, and passed laws to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Net zero means balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal, or simply eliminating carbon dioxide emissions altogether. It’s also known as 'carbon neutral'.

Here in the North West, we are supporting our stakeholders’ desires to go further and faster than the national target and deliver net zero even sooner.

If we are to achieve this ambitious target, the wide-scale adoption of energy efficiency measures and low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps is essential. This uptake will lead to a huge increase in demand for electricity. At the same time, we expect to see more and more customers connecting their own sources of renewable generation to our network such as solar panels and wind turbines. All of this will have a dramatic effect on our existing electricity infrastructure.

As the region’s network operator, we will play a key role in this energy revolution. It’s our job to make sure our network is fit for the future, to meet the changing needs of our customers and to lead the way on our journey to net zero. Our Leading the North West to net zero carbon plan sets out our plans to invest £63.5 million between 2019-2023, drive down our own carbon emissions and help businesses, our customers and our colleagues to do the same.

We are also working with our regional stakeholders to help pave the way for the growth of renewable energy. Our decarbonisation pathways, developed in collaboration with Cadent Gas, our main regional gas network operator, provide energy blueprints for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria.

In this part of our website you can find out more about the actions we are taking to respond to the climate emergency and the ways that you and your business can be more energy efficient by adopting ways to go net zero.

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Leading the North West to net zero carbon video