Micro-Generation and storage connections

Micro-Generation connection and storage

If you are planning to connect new generators and/or storage to our network, you need to inform us or make an application, so that we can continue to manage and maintain our local electricity network.

Single premises generation and/or storage connection

If you are installing a generator and/or storage at a single premises, it is unlikely that we'll need to carry out work on the network to facilitate your connection.

Please notify us by completing a G98 form B application for connection of a single premise form below and return by email or post.

Our notification form is designed for installations up to a maximum 16 amps per phase. Please send all notification forms to G98notifications@enwl.co.uk.

Where your generation installation includes an inverter, the rating of the installation is assumed to be the inverter's continuous steady state rating.

If you require guidance on completing G98 form B, please refer to this helpful guide.


Multiple premises generation and/or storage connections

If you are installing generation at multiple premises, we may need to carry out work on the network to facilitate your connection.

Please complete a G98 form A application for connection of multiple premises below and return via email or post.

If you require further guidance on the relevant forms for your installation, please see our summary guide. For more information please read the Energy Networks Association G98 connection guide.


Integrated micro-generation and storage

Working in partnership with the ENA, a relaxation was written into G99. This relaxation has primarily been developed where a customer is wishing to combine a G83/G98 generator with an Energy Storage Device.

To qualify, the following conditions must be met:

  • Total generation capacity installed should not exceed 7.36KW (including battery storage)
  • All generators should be connected via a Type approved G83/G98 protection device
  • The maximum export should be limited to 3.68KW per phase utilising a Type approved EREC G100 device
  • The system should not generate during a power-cut (island mode) 

If you believe your application complies with the above criteria, please complete the G99 A1.2 form and email it to connectionapplications@enwl.co.uk.


Find out more about how storage systems can help you to further reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions here.


G98 Form A

Use this application form for multiple micro-generation installations and submit your completed form to connectionapplications@enwl.co.uk

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G98 Form B

Use this application form for single micro-generation installations and submit your completed form to G98notifications@enwl.co.uk

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Contact us for further information using the link below or for G98 single connection notifications, please email G98notifications@enwl.co.uk

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