How much will my new supply cost?

How much will my new supply cost?

The cost for installing a new connection will vary from house to house; your dedicated planner will ensure that you receive a quote suited to your needs. The quote we provide for you can include optional extra's such as excavation in the private land and materials such as ducting.

Below is a table showing the minimum costs you can expect to receive:

Application type

Prices from (inc VAT)             

Average   price (inc VAT)

Estimated time to get quote

Estimated time to complete once ready on site

One new domestic connection £1300 £1790 4 days 4 weeks
2-4 domestic connections or small commercial £2600 £5370 10 days 6 weeks

These prices are indicative costs based on standard connections; the timescales are from receipt of a complete application and from quote payment (if ready on site). Please be aware that during periods of high workload the times indicated may vary.

Costs incurred to get ready on site

We will complete any digging on the public footpath  or highway but digging on your land up to your properties boundary is not included in your quotation.  Normally you would appoint a builder to do this for you but we can in some circumstances quote to do this for you.

Buying and installing your electricity meter box and ducting

You will need to purchase and install ducting for the cable and suitable meter housing. We can supply this for you at trade cost to make the planning a little easier.

Where does your money go?

Below is a breakdown of what's included in your quote. New service connection (with excavation in public highway) quotes include labour and plat excavation, backfill, reinstatement and jointing costs as well as backfill, reinstatement, jointing and cable material costs. Traffic Management Act (TMA) permit costs are also included in the quote.

Why is my gas quote cheaper than my electricity quote?

For new domestic gas connections the full cost of the job is not charged to you.  These are effectively subsidised and you are only charged approximately 30% of the total cost of the work.  We regularly compare our charges with other Distribution Network Operators and find that they are comparable in price.

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