Local area energy planning

Local area energy planning

Local area energy planning or LAEP is a process aimed at driving effective local action towards the UK's 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. It gives local leaders an action plan that considers both local and national efforts, incorporating technical insights, non-technical aspects, and stakeholder engagement. We are here to provide technical support and to release network capacity where & when it is needed.

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What is Local Area Energy Planning?

Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) is a comprehensive, ground-up approach that guides a region towards achieving net zero emissions. It encompasses a whole system approach meaning all parts of the system are mapped including energy supply and demand, transport, buildings, local industry and the environment. These plans incorporate not only technical considerations but also account for non-technical elements and new technologies. LAEP's primary goal is to outline the most efficient and economical route for decarbonisation in a local area, providing a clear action plan.

These plans span from individual cities and districts to county councils and combined authorities, aligning with various levels of local governance. LAEP’s bring together diverse stakeholders such as energy companies, industries, and community groups with a process that involves continuous collaboration leading to data-driven, realistic action plans that are regularly updated to accommodate technological, local, and political changes.

How we facilitate Local Area Energy Planning

Our role as the North West’s electricity distribution network operator is to support local authorities by ensuring the electricity network can handle the expected extra capacity and grid connections as well as reducing peak energy demand via ‘smart’ or flexible electricity systems. We are here to provide technical support, transparent data and assist in the development of Local Area Energy Planning.

  • We offer regular meetings with each local authority 
  • Workshop for combined authorities
  • Our network development engineers are a designated point of contact for LEAPs
  • To access our templates, simply scroll down this page. Included is a presentation which covers the high-level process 

We're proud to have facilitated Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) in their LEAPs. As a ‘trailblazer’ city region, they are the first region to complete LAEPs at scale.


Our Local Area Energy Planning contacts

Headshot of Christos Kaloudas

Christos Kaloudas

Capacity Strategy Lead manager

Headshot of Ivan Bolotkov

Ivan Bolotkov

Network Development Engineer

Headshot of Michael Keddy

Michael Keddy

Network Development Engineer

Distribution future electricity scenarios

We hold all of our smart street PDFs and documentation, covering strategy, implementation and much more. You can view this information by clicking the link and opening one of the files or downloading it

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Network Development Plan

Our Network Development Plan (NDP) shows where new connections are suitable and where flexibility services may be advantageous. It also provides information on how we intend to create capacity over the next ten years.

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Embedded Capacity Register

The Embedded Capacity Register provides information on generation and storage resources (≥50kW) that are connected or accepted to connect to our network.

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