DSO stakeholder panel

DSO Stakeholder panel

Electricity North West is committed to achieving regional decarbonisation through modernising and operating our electricity distribution network efficiently. Our DSO Stakeholder Panel, is a vital component in ensuring open and transparent decision-making, plays a key role in this journey.


Role of the DSO Stakeholder Panel

Comprised of representatives from various stakeholder groups, including customers, community organisations, Gas Distribution and industry experts, the panel reflects the diverse voices and perspectives of our DSO stakeholders. 

The panel provides valuable insights, independent oversight, and strategic guidance on our DSO initiatives, specifically:

  • Offering constructive challenges and reviews
  • Contributing expertise and diverse perspectives
  • Supporting the implementation of our DSO Transition Plan

By working collaboratively with our stakeholders through the DSO Stakeholder Panel, we aim to ensure our DSO activities are not only efficient and reliable but also support the region's decarbonisation goals. The establishment of the DSO Stakeholder Panel was proposed in our well-justified business plan for the ED2, and the first meeting with the panel was held on 7 June 2023.

Andrew McIntosh, Independent Chair:

Andrew is the Director of Place for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and manages the Housing, Planning, Infrastructure, Culture, Land and Property and Delivery teams. Andrew joined the GMCA in 2016 and managed a series of Investment Funds focusing on commercial property and housing and was responsible for the implementation of several housing and development investments across Greater Manchester. Andrew also has significant experience in financial structuring and modelling. In his current role, he is a member of Greater Manchester’s Strategic Infrastructure Board and leads the strategic relationship with all the major utility providers across Greater Manchester on behalf of the GMCA, working in partnership with them to support the delivery of the conurbations growth ambitions and the delivery of the outcomes set out within the Greater Manchester Strategy. Andrew works collaboratively with all 10 Greater Manchester Local authorities and oversees the deployment of various housing and low carbon funds on behalf of the GMCA and leads the work with the Local Authorities to develop GMs Growth Locations.


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Meet the panel

Headshot of Andrew Mullaney

Andrew Mullaney

Mullaney Director of Environment and Planning at Lancashire County Council

Headshot of Craig Morley

Craig Morley

Energy Manager at Bruntwood

Headshot of Gareth Candlin

Gareth Candlin

Assistant Director Inclusive and Green Growth at Westmoreland and Furness Council

Headshot of Greg Dodd

Greg Dodd

Regulation and Strategic Planning Director at Northern Gas Networks

Headshot of James Johnson

James Johnson

Head of Regional Programme for the North West Net Zero Hub

Headshot of Kate Gilmartin

Kate Gilmartin

CEO British Hydropower Association

Headshot of Matt Fawcett

Matt Fawcett

Energy Systems Lead at Carbon Co-op

Headshot of Meriel Laikin

Meriel Laikin

Head of Development at Masdar Arlington Energy

The Panel meet four times a year

Additional meetings may be arranged by exception as dictated by ENWL DSO activities.


We have outlined the purpose, structure, and guidelines for the panel's engagements within our Terms of Reference. The ToR serves as a framework that defines the scope and objectives of the stakeholder panel, ensuring clarity and alignment among panel members, Electricity North West and our stakeholders.

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