Underground cables

Underground cables

Before breaking ground check the location of underground services on network plans. When breaking ground always follow safe digging techniques.

Underground service cables, especially cables containing electricity and gas, can be extremely dangerous if damaged and potentially cause serious injury.


  • damage to electricity cables can cause a dangerous flash, leading to severe burns or even death
  • damage to gas pipes can cause gas leaks leading to fire and explosion.

Underground services may be commonly found in roads, footpaths, on sites or across open land. Always assume that they are present and treat any cable as 'live'.  Service cables and pipes can often be mistaken for another, for example black plastic covered electricity cables can look like plastic water pipes.

For further information please read Health and Safety Executives (HSE) guidance document HS(G) 'avoiding danger from underground services before commencing work on site. 

To obtain plans of our network, visit linesearch beforeudig.

Download our guidance leaflet below for additional information for contractors:


Download guidance-for-electrical-contractors.pdf