Our stakeholder engagement process

Our stakeholder engagement process

Our stakeholder engagement process is driven by senior management, informed by a broad range of stakeholders across the North West and owned and delivered by colleagues across our business.

Working together is the core of our company purpose – engaging with our stakeholders and listening and acting on what we hear is vital.  We know that we can only be successful when we deliver outcomes that are valued by the communities we serve.

Stakeholder engagement is embedded and tracked throughout our business and enables everyone to identify and act on opportunities. This individual effort is supported by a structured programme of workshops, engagement events and advisory panels, helping us to engage with stakeholders, businesses and communities. These give us opportunities to seek feedback from stakeholders on specific subjects such as connections, consumer vulnerability, future network innovation trials and future business planning priorities. To find out more about our events and advisory panels click here.

Our stakeholders

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is aligned to the Accountability AA1000SES standard and informed by stakeholder mapping to ensure that we engage appropriately and keep our stakeholder network current and reflective of our communities.

Our stakeholder engagement process


Each year we report our stakeholder engagement and consumer vulnerability activities to our regulator Ofgem, to find out more click here.

Electricity North West has demonstrated a laudable performance in developing and driving a stake-holder centric-culture within the organisation. Built on a strong and authentic governance structure consisting of a series of dedicated Advisory Panels linking the Executive level of the organisation with the operational level, Electricity North West has established a robust foundation for continual improvement and strong sustainable performance in stakeholder engagement activities.

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