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Decarbonisation pathways

Decarbonisation pathways

Developed in collaboration with Cadent Gas, our main regional gas network operator, our decarbonisation pathways provide energy blueprints for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria.

Our decarbonisation pathways for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria provide near to mid-term certainties around the future of energy supply and demand in order to inform decision-making and investment planning for the adoption of low carbon technologies (including solar PV and electric vehicles) as the North West transitions to a net zero future.

If you have any feedback on our decarbonisation pathways, please contact us.

Regional documents

Consulting stakeholders on our plans

These decarbonisation pathways form part of a suite of current documents which explain how we are preparing our network for the net zero carbon future. We are inviting feedback from stakeholders on:

  • Our draft DSO strategy, Analysis of DSO functions document and draft Grid digitalisation & data strategy documents. Consultation on these DSO documents runs from 6 July – 9 September 2020
  • Our Distribution future electricity scenarios (DFES) consultation on inputs we use to create our forecasts for future capacity requirements. This consultation runs from 6 July – 7 August 2020.