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Our innovation strategy

Innovation strategy

Our innovation strategy forms an integral part of our business plan and is key to our success. It sets out our values, why we innovate for our customers and how we ensure we deliver value for them through a series of innovative projects.

We seek to innovate every day across all our business activities to ensure that we can respond to the evolving needs and expectations of our customers in an increasingly uncertain energy future.

All of our innovation projects are aligned with our innovation strategy – to maximise the use of our existing network, and combine new technology and creative thinking to provide real solutions to real problems.

We do this by embracing the opportunities provided by:

  • New technologies
  • New business and commercial models
  • Our regulatory framework and incentives.

To ensure we have a balanced portfolio of projects and achieve the best overall outcomes for our customers, we have identified six key innovation themes which relate to the challenges of the low carbon future and to our business plan. Each of our projects is designed to support one or more of these themes.

To find out more about our strategy, watch our video or see our latest innovation strategy document.

In March 2018, the Energy Network Association published a national Electricity Network Innovation Strategy to provide a jointly-agreed approach on how innovation can best accommodate the future requirements of the energy system for Great Britain.

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