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Zero carbon

Leading the way to zero carbon

Rapid decarbonisation is critical if we are to limit global warming. Through investment and innovation, we will play a major role in helping the North West meet its carbon reduction targets.

Leading the North West to zero carbon

Our ambitious plan sets out a range of initiatives and investments which will ensure we take a significant step on the road to rapid decarbonisation.

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Flexible services

Working together to meet future demand for electricity.

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Community and local energy

We want to work with community and local energy groups to develop a smart, flexible network for the benefit of all our customers.

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By combining new technology and creative thinking we are providing real solutions to real problems and meeting the challenges of the low carbon future.

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A guide to low carbon technologies

Find out more about low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar and wind power.

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Decarbonise your business

Top tips on how you can help your business to reduce its carbon emissions and help the North West achieve net zero carbon.

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