Why do they happen?

Why do they happen?

We have planned power cuts so our engineers can safely work on the cables that provide power to your property. Temporarily interrupting your supply is the safest way for our engineers to work.

Will the work improve the reliability of the electricity supply to my home?

Yes. We replace 3000 pieces of equipment every year so we can continue providing a safe and reliable supply to over five million customers. Our network is available 99.9% for every day of the year on average.

Why might I need to be disrupted more than once?

Due to the amount of work to be carried out on the network, it may not be possible to complete the work all at the same time, so we may need to interrupt your electricity supply more than once.

Here are some of our reasons for carrying our planned power cuts:

Maintaining and investing in the network

To meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future, we replace, repair and invest in the network. Our investment work will support changing technologies and customers expanding energy needs.

New connections to the network

We connect 6,000 new customers every year and sometimes need to turn off your power to safely add new connections to the network.

Tree cutting

Our team of dedicated tree cutters and planners work hard to ensure we provide you with a safe and reliable electricity supply. Our skilled tree cutters carry out the essential works to reduce the risk of branches touching power lines, which may cause you to have an unplanned power cut. You can watch our video below to see how we carry out the work.


Tree cutting

Video about Tree cutting (opens in popup)

Watch our tree cutting team on site to learn more about the work we do to continue to provide you with a safe and reliable electricity supply.