Tips to prepare

Tips to prepare

Our helpful tips can help you to prepare for a power cut.

If you or a member of your family have a serious health problem, we recommend the following to help you prepare for a power cut:

  • keep emergency telephone numbers and torches close by
  • phones well charged
  • consider a battery back-up for any essential medical equipment. Most stair lifts have a battery backup fitted, if you do not have one contact your manufacturer for support.

You can protect your electrical applicances such as desktop computers, laptops and televisions by fitting surge protection equipment. These can be found in your local supermarket or hardware store.

We can also provide extra support to you with our Priority Services Register. Learn more about the benefits and sign up.  

Top tips


Keep a battery-operated radio to hand to listen for the updates and weather reports.

Charge equipment

Regularly charge emergency medical equipment.

Save your work

Regularly save your computer work.

Key contacts

Have a written list of emergency contacts. Include: family, friends, GP, pharmacist and utility companies.

I've prepared, now what can I do during a power cut?

Follow our tips to help you during a power cut including how to protect your fish and reptiles, contents of your fridge freezer and how to keep warm.

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