Help accessing food

Help accessing food

If you're struggling to access food, a food bank or food club may be able to help.


What is a food bank?

Food banks are for people in crisis with no other means of accessing or affording food and supplies. A referral is often needed to access a food bank.

What is a food club?

Food clubs are small community groups that aim to help provide food for people who live in their neighbourhood or local area. They run once a week in a local community space and offer opportunities to socialise with your neighbours while you pick up your food. You don't usually need a formal referral to visit your local food club, but some of them are membership-only so you should check on their website or social media pages before you go to make sure.

There's usually a small weekly fee (between £3 - £5) to go to a food club, and you might not always pick up all the food you'll need, but the aim is to save you money in the long run, and they can be a great way to try out new foods without worrying about spending money on things you or your family won't end up liking.

Every food club works slightly differently. Watch the video below from our partners at The Bread & Butter Thing to find out more...

Where can I find my nearest food bank or food club?

Food banks and food clubs can be found throughout the North West. If you’re unsure where to start, try the Independent Food Aid Network interactive map to find an independent food bank – local to you. Remember many church groups and national food banks like the Trussell Trust may also be able to help.

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What other support is available?