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Our online connections portal is not designed for use on a mobile device. We recommend using a desktop for this service but if it's more convenient for you to use a mobile or tablet please change your internet setting to a desktop view, then turn your phone horizontally before continuing which will help your view.

Welcome to connection services

Here you can apply and create estimates for new connections to one to four single phase properties, moving an electricity meter or disconnections. Unfortunately our online portal can't be used for three phased projects. For more information click 'online services provided' below.

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In our online application portal you can explore our electricity connection services (single phase only) and complete an online application.

All enquiries generated online are sent to one of our designers for review and validation, so you can be confident you have received the lowest cost option and a reliable, safe electrical design. 

For more complex requests you will be re-directed as appropriate during your online journey and for three phase connections please use our online form.

This will enable you to generate a cost estimate for a new connection for;

  • 1 to 4 single phase supplies

  • Moving an electricity meter

  • Disconnections


This will take around 15 minutes to complete

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