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You and your business

You and your business

We can all play our part in helping the North West achieve net zero. By making a few simple changes such as fitting insulation, changing to LED lighting, travelling less or installing solar panels to generate your own power, you and your business could save money and help tackle climate change at the same time.

As a network operator we have a dual role to play in the drive to reach net zero. As well as reducing our own carbon footprint, we have a responsibility to lead and support our customers and other stakeholders to do the same. 

Working with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, we have produced information on a number of steps you can take now to reduce your energy bills and explain the benefits for you and your business.

  • Measures to reduce CO2 for your business – sets out the top five measures you can take to reduce your energy bills for your particular business area
  • Sustainability perceptions – examines what impact an organisation’s sustainability credentials has on a customer’s response to your brand and whether customers are willing to pay extra for a product or service from a business that has sustainability measures in place
  • Barriers to adoption of solar PV and EV charging infrastructure – a study into the reasons businesses may be reluctant to adopt solar power and electric vehicles.

Download the full reports at the foot of the page or click on the links below to learn about what's important to your customers, examples of how other businesses are investing to go net zero and the solutions which will deliver the most benefit for your home or business area.

Tell us your net zero story

If you have made changes to your workplace to make it more energy efficient or you have adopted low carbon technologies such as solar panels, electric vehicle charge points or a heat pump, why not let us know so we can share your story with others. Please email us at


Your home

You could make a real difference to the environment by being more energy efficient or by installing low carbon technologies such as solar panels.

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Manufacturing and warehouses

Follow our recommendations and you could reduce your carbon emissions between 24-34% and save money on your energy bills.

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Food retail

Would your customers pay more for their weekly shop if you take steps to be more energy efficient? Find out how you could reduce your emissions by up to 25%.

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Non-food retail

Find out how much more your customers might pay if you go net zero. Follow our recommended steps and reduce your carbon emissions by up to 27%.

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If you’re looking to cut your office energy bills, there are a number of steps you could take to reduce your carbon emissions by up to 30%.

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How much more might your guests pay for a night's stay if you take steps to cut your emissions and make your hotel more sustainable?

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Bars and restaurants

Find out how you could lower your bills and reduce your emissions by up to 25% - and how much more your customers might be prepared to pay.

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If you take action to cut the carbon emissions of your gym, how much more might your customers pay for their monthly membership?

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Decarbonisation pathways

Developed in conjunction with Cadent Gas, our decarbonisation pathways provide energy blueprints for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria.

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