Flexible services

Flexible services

As the UK embraces a zero carbon future, the way energy is generated, stored, consumed and traded is changing rapidly, and Flexible Services are a smart and efficient way of facilitating this transition.

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The uptake in low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps will ultimately result in a lot more demand being placed on our network, and the cost of upgrading the network to meet this increased demand will mean higher bills for customers.  One of the ways in which we can facilitate the extra demand associated with the transition to net zero whilst utilising our existing network is through the procurement of Flexible Services. As we move towards Distribution System Operation (DSO) and more local network management, flexibility services will be an essential resource for balancing supply and demand – reducing the cost for electricity distribution networks in customer energy bills and helping decarbonise our electricity supply while ensuring that our network remains resilient, reliable and meets customer's needs.

At times of high electricity demand, Flexible Services can be provided by companies or individual customers known as Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). These DERs can be generators, consumers, and electricity storage connected to our networks that can increase exports (generate more) or reduce imports (consume less) when instructed.

If you have an asset in one of our requirement areas, are capable of adjusting how much electricity you consume or generate, and can provide a minimum of 50kW either individually or via an aggregator, then you could provide flexibility to the network and receive payment from Electricity North West in return.

To participate in our tenders, Flexibility providers will need to:

  1. Register onto our Dynamic Purchasing System on the PicloFlex platform
  2. Register and upload your assets onto PicloFlex
  3. Complete our online Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
  4. Confirm participation in the competition on PicloFlex

Click here for more information on our current requirements and how to take part.

Spring 2022 tender

Our Spring 2022 flexibility requirements are now live! view all the details and find out how to take part here.

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Piclo flex platform

You can now view all of our current requirements, apply to our DPS and register your assets via Piclo Flex.

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Flexibility procurement statement

Have a look at our plans for procuring flexible services for the upcoming regulatory year and our approach for supporting the flexibility market in Great Britain.

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Flexibility map

Our flexibility map below displays the locations within our distribution area where we are currently seeking Flexible Services, or may have a requirement in the future.  The icons next to each location name relate to the response type that we are looking for - either Sustain, Secure, Dynamic or Restore. Select an icon to find out more about each requirement.

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The year in review

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