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What is community and local energy?

What is community and local energy?

We have developed a definition with stakeholders and are continually working to develop our understanding.

To us community energy means community-led projects or initiatives to reduce, manage, generate or purchase energy. Our projects focus on engagement and benefits to the local area and communities. 

Local energy encompasses community energy projects and also includes activities by a wider set of local partners such as local authorities, housing associations, intermediary or advisory organisations and local businesses. Local energy projects may have a commercial aspect to their delivery but are also likely to benefit their local area and community.

Community energy can mean many different things to different people and below you can find out more about community and local energy from across our region by delving into the case studies of projects we have worked with, reading our guide to community energy and our State of the Sector report which is prepared in partnership with Community Energy England following a survey of community energy groups across our region.

Introduction to community energy

Find out more about community and local energy by downloading this useful guide.

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Case studies

Browse a selection of community and local energy case studies.

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State of the sector

Findings from our surveys of the community energy sector in the North West.

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