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Unmetered online application

Unmetered connection application

What equipment are you installing?
Will the level of electrical load be predictable?
What is the electrical load expected to be?

Unmetered connection requirements

Unmetered connection requirements

Applicant details

Additional contact details

Site information

Site information same as applicants?

Site information

Connection requirements

Please provide a site location plan (typically a scale of not less than 1:500), including the following: 

  • The proposed/preferred point of connections/ disconnections/ re-energisations
  • X &Y co-ordinates
  • Site boundaries with reference to adjacent footpaths and highways


For disconnections we only provide firm Connection Offers. A Connection Offer is where we carry out a full network study and provide you with a firm quote that you can accept. Please acknowledge that you are happy with progressing with this option.

I wish to progress with a Connection Offer


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