Electricity disconnection and re-connection application form

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For disconnections and re-connections we only provide firm Connection Offers. A Connection Offer is where we carry out a full network study and provide you with a firm quote that you can accept. Please acknowledge that you are happy with progressing with this option.

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Additional information

Please provide a site location plan (typically a scale of not less than 1:500), including the following: 

  • Preferred point for the cable to enter the property (if appropriate)
  • Preferred Point of disconnection/ re-energisation
  • The existing/proposed meter point location marked with an X
  • X &Y co-ordinates
  • Site boundaries with reference to adjacent footpaths and highways

Existing supplies

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PLEASE NOTE: Your MPAN is a unique 13 digit number and can be found on your electricity supply bill. Your MPAN should begin with the number 16 if you are within our network area. If your MPAN does not begin with 16 then please contact your electricity supplier to confirm who your network operator is.

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 Please check to confirm that the information you have provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge

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