Network development plan

Network development plan

Our first network development plan was published in April 2022, following consultation with our customers and stakeholders. The purpose of the plan is to provide a useful source of information on the future of our electricity network.

As distribution network operator for the North West of England, we’re responsible for the affordable development of a safe and reliable system which must continue to meet our customers’ needs as they transition to a net zero carbon future.

To support the transition, it’s important we share information on future electricity trends and the impact of these trends on the electricity network. This can support our customers in taking positive action towards net zero and planning new connections.

Our network development plan (NDP) is an important source of information on the future network as it shows where on our network new connections are suitable and where flexibility services may be advantageous. It also provides information on how we intend to create capacity over the next ten years.

Following a consultation with our customers and stakeholders we have updated our draft NDP and associated documents. You can find the final versions to download below.

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