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Introduction to LTDS

Introduction to the Long Term Development Statement (LTDS)

Purpose of statement

The Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) is provided for the sole purpose of allowing existing and potential customers to make an initial assessment of the capabilities of the electricity network and opportunities for changes in their use of the network or for connecting to it. While all reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, no liability will be accepted for any loss or damage caused by the information not being accurate. Actual changes in supply capacity for existing customers or new connections are subject to detailed assessment and approval, and payment of appropriate charges.

Content of statement

Summary information

The summary of information section contains:

  • High level information relating to the design and operation of all voltage levels of the distribution network, and
  • Small scale geographic plan(s) providing an overview of the 132kV, EHV networks and substations described in the detailed information section.

Detailed information

The detailed information section contains information relating to the electricity distribution network from 132kV to the lower voltage busbars of primary substations and includes:

  • Schematic diagrams of the 33kV and 132kV systems
  • Circuit Data
  • Transformer Data
  • Load Information
  • Fault Level Information
  • Generation Information, and
  • HV Network information.

Network development proposals

The network development proposals section contains information on proposals where finance has been secured, detailing:

  • Area of the network affected
  • Work that is intended to be carried out
  • Impact on the distribution network, and
  • Expected timescale.

Also contained within this section is a high level summary of the interest in specific parts of the distribution system provided in tabular form for each interface point between the 132kV and Lower Voltage (LV) System.

Contact information

Other information sources

The distribution code details the technical parameters and considerations relating to the use of and connection to public distribution system:

The grid code specifies technical requirements for connection to, and use of, the National Electricity Transmission System.

The Distributed Generation connection guide is provided by The Energy Networks Association (ENA) and aims to assist with the connection of distributed generation to the UK’s electricity distribution networks.

Learn more about our Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSOP) for metered and unmetered connections.

ENA Engineering Recommendations (ER) as referenced throughout the statement.