Distribution future electricity scenarios

Distribution future electricity scenarios

Take a look at our first Distribution Future Electricity Scenarios and Regional Insights publication, and learn more about our view of the North West's future electricity requirements.

The future of energy in the North West has never been so important

New technologies and changing customer requirements are transforming the way that electricity is generated, distributed and consumed; and our networks are becoming smarter and more flexible.

As the North West’s electrical network operator it’s our responsibility to plan for the future, and support its economic development and transition to a low carbon future.

In this section, you'll find our first ever publication of our Distribution Future Electricity Scenarios (DFES), which details our view of the North West’s future electricity requirements.

It contains a range of possible views of the future, which indicate how different influences can change electrical demand and generation on our network.

We’ve also shared our regional insights to help with our stakeholder’s planning, encouraging further collaboration and inspiring new flexible approaches.