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Accelerated loss of mains (LoM) change programme

Accelerated loss of mains (LoM) change programme

Find out about how we're involved in the implementation of changes to protection settings for generators following the DC0079 modification to the Distribution Code.

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The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme allows generator owners to apply for funding to make the necessary changes to their protection required to ensure compliance against the recent update the Distribution Code, which specifies that the current protection settings required for any new generation connecting to the network must now also be applied retrospectively to all existing generation with loss of mains protection.

Changing loss of mains protection will help to avoid unneccesary disruption to our customers, and will ultimately deliver a step change in how the electricity system can be operated - allowing more low carbon power to flow at a lower cost.



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Find out about how to become a recognised contractor or how to find one to make the changes to your loss of mains protection.

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