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Part-funded Reinforcement

Part-funded reinforcement

As a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP), you can now apply for our part-funded reinforcement trial.

Conditions of the trial:

  • the scope of the trial is only for non-integrated asset reinforcement. This means any asset that can be constructed electrically separate to our existing network. For example cable overlays would be suitable for the trial, but upgrading an existing transformer would not be stuiable
  • as part of the trial, the ICP has the option to undertake the construction of the non-integrated reinforced asset themselves in addition to the contestable connection works
  • we reserve the right to determine where there is a need for reinforcement to support a new connection and the size and scope of the reinforcement required
  • the customer's apportionment percentage contrbution, or Cost Apportionment Factor (CAF), towards the cost is calculated in accordance with the apportionment rules set out in our statement of charging methodology and charges for connection to our distribution system
  • we reserve the right to determine the market rate for this work which will make up the offer to you.

The bespoke quotation letter issued as part of this trial will outline the maximum we will pay according to our standard cost apportionment rules.

We will engage with our ICP and IDNO Expert Stakeholder Panel to identify best practice for delivering part-funded reinforcement. We also ask that all ICPs/IDNOs undertaking this trial are willing to provide feedback and help us identify improvements.

Part funded reinforcement process flow

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