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Contestable activities

Contestable activities

As an accredited Independent Connection Provider and Independent Distribution Network Operator, there are a number of connection activities you can undertake.

Self-determination of point of connection

If you register for this process you will be able to determine your own point of connection, rather than asking us to do this.

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Design self-approval

If you register for this process you will be able to approve your own designs for new connections (subject to our agreed process).

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In this process you will be able to carry out a disconnection as part of a new connection.

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Standard design service

You can now submit your most frequent designs to be added to our standard design register. This will help to ensure that your future submissions are approved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Part-funded reinforcement

You now have the option to undertake reinforcement activities which were previously ‘non-contestable’.

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Design Submission Guidance

Download our design submission pack to help you capture all the information needed to submit your designs and ultimately make it easier for you to do business with us.

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Contestable activities library

Download and read through our guidance documents for Independent Connection Providers carrying out onsite contestable work.

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