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Delegated authorisation

Delegated authorisation

If you would prefer not to self-authorise, or obtain authorisation through the traditional route, you can opt for delegated authorisation.

You can choose to authorise your own staff on our behalf. To do so, you must nominate a suitably experienced person who must first be authorised by us, to act on our behalf.

To nominate a suitably experienced person to take on responsibility of interviewing all of your staff (carrying out connection work) on our behalf please email us with all of their training, competence and authorisation details.

We will review the information you send through and advise of any additional requirements there are to allow the nominated person to carry out the interviews. This may include additional training and/ or conversion courses. Our system operations team will train the nominated person in assessment techniques and subsequently provide technical support that includes detail regarding codes required for specific duties.

After going through this process a member of our academy team will assess the nominated person and appoint them in writing as being able to interview their own staff on our behalf. If you require additional information or guidance please email us.

Essentially this means that you will still be operating under option two: section 5.2 of the Code of Practice, as the same process for our authorisation will need to be followed, except your nominated person will carry out the interview, instead of us.