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Authorisation and training

Authorisation and training

As a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited Independent Connection Provider you have several options for starting work on our networks. Find which one is best for you below.

In all cases you or your staff will need to be authorised for access which may require top up training. After obtaining authorisation, you will need to arrange substation access (see below).

Our authorisation options comply with the Competition in Connections Code of Practice. The sections relating to training and authorisation options can be found on page 23 under section 5.2. 


Find out how to self-authorise your staff to access the network.

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ENWL authorisation

Find out our process for authorising your staff to access the network.

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Delegated authorisation

Find out how we can delegate authorisation to your staff, to enable them to access the network.

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Substation access

Find out how to request substation access and keys.

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