Upgrade or reduce your supply

Upgrade or reduce your supply

Find out how to amend the assigned capacity at your commercial property below

Do you need to upgrade the capacity of your commercial connection to accommodate more electrical goods? Or not using your full capacity and looking to reduce it? Find out how to amend your assigned capacity below.

Maximum Import Capacity

All half hourly metered customers are allocated a standard Maximum Import Capacity (MIC). Many of these are legacy values from when the site was first connected, and the allocated capacity remains unchanged unless requested to be increased or decreased by the customer. 

kVA is a measurement of apparent power, and tells you the total amount of power in use in a system. The Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) value should reflect the maximum amount of power that should be consumed. You may need to upgrade your kVA to accommodate more electrical goods or reduce your kVA if you are not using as much electricity. Did you know that you could be charged up to twice as much if you are using more than your allocated capacity? This will be reflected in the electricity bill you receive from your supplier which outlines how much kVA you are using each month.  There will be no charge associated with reducing your MIC, however increasing your MIC could result in the need for reinforcement of the network in order to cope with the additional demand.                                                                                                                                                


Maximum Export Capacity

Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) is the amount of electricity that may be exported onto the Electricity North West Distribution System.

For any variations to your MEC, please email us at connectionapplications@enwl.co.uk.                                                                                              

Residential and small business queries

If your query relates to a change of supply at a residential property or small business, please email our Connections team using the link below or phone 0800 988 1730.

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Commercial capacity queries

If your query relates to a change in capacity at a commercial property, please email our team using the link below.

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Electric vehicles and heat pumps

To upgrade your supply to accommodate an electric vehicle charge (EV) point or heat pump, please visit the EV and heat pump pages using the link below.

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Our progress so far

We have been contacting customers that are consistently over or under achieving their assigned capacity to ensure that their capacity is in line with their demand and that they are charged appropriately by their electricity supplier. The below graph shows some of the benefits this has brought to both our customers and the network.

Change or upgrade.PNG

Costs are estimated based on previous 12 months maximum demand data of customers and 2020/2021 Distribution Use of System Charges (DUoS) charges; and assumes Maximum Import Capacities (MICs) were changed as a direct result of notifications sent.