Three phase power connection

Three phase power connection

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What are three phase power connections?

Three-phase power connections are no longer limited to industrial factories for running large machinery or larger commercial outlets.

Three-phase power can now benefit your property, extending its capabilities.  These connections are increasingly common in residential properties and small commercial establishments like local food takeaways, hair and beauty salons, and newsagents.

A standard three-phase power connection offers you 60kVA, distributing 100 amps per phase.  This level of power is ideal for providing that extra boost you need to run machinery or additional equipment in your home or grow your business.

Your electrician will be able to assess whether this connection size is suitable for your specific residential or business needs.


If you want a new three phase connection, move a three phase connection, change from a single phase to a three phase or re-connect to an overhead cable, please call us on 0800 988 1730 or apply using one of the two methods below. 



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