Service Alteration Costs

How much will my supply move cost?

Our costs for moving electrical supplies can vary depending on what is involved in each case. When you are deciding whether to progress with a meter move you should factor in to your calculations the ‘hidden costs’ such as new meter housing and the cost for an electrician to move your internal wiring.

Below is a table showing the minimum cost you can expect

These prices are indicative costs based on standard connections; the timescales are from receipt of a complete application and from quote payment (if ready on site). Please be aware that during periods of high workload the times indicated may vary.

Costs incurred to get ready on site

We will complete any digging on the public footpath / highway but the digging on your land up to your properties boundary is not included in your quotation.  Normally you would appoint a builder to do this for you but we can in some circumstances quote to do this for you.

Buying & installing your electricity meter box & ducting

You will need to purchase and install ducting for the cable and suitable meter housing. We would be pleased to supply this for you at trade cost to make the planning a little easier.

Hiring an Electrician

As a result of moving your supply your internal wiring will also need altering so you will need to hire an electrician to connect your internal wiring. Your electrician will need to be available on the same day we move your meter.

What is built into your quote?

Below are two examples of how the cost of meter moves are built up - showing the proportion of what you are paying for

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