Service Alteration What's involved

What to expect when moving your supply...

Moving your incoming supply is chargeable work; we will provide you with tailored quotation and we will always provide the lowest cost option.

We can usually complete the work for you within 20 days of payment; providing you are ready for us to do the work.

The preparation work you need to complete will be specific to your requirements but may include digging on your land so you may need to hire a builder and employing an electrician to move your fuses to your new meter position as we cannot do this for you  

Your Quote

Your quote will usually be provided in no more than 5 days and will be specific to your needs; we can include or exclude the digging on your land, we can also include the cost of a meter box in your quote to keep things easy for you. (We’ll even provide this at trade cost for you) Underground cable move prices start from £880 Overhead cable move prices start from £700

More cost Information

Moving your supply

The actual work on site will vary depending on your needs but most jobs will usually include more than one visit by our teams to complete the digging this is followed by the electrical work. We cannot move your supply whilst it is ‘live’ on the network so our expert jointer will ‘disconnect’ your supply, move to the new position and ‘re-connect’ your supply. This usually only takes an hour or two to complete; we will agree an AM or PM appointment with you so you can book your electricians appointment on the same day to take care of your internal wiring.

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