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Disconnect your supply

Looking to disconnect your home or a property from our electricity network?

If you want to disconnect your home/property, get started now with our application form or check what you’ll need to apply.

Are you sure?

Please note, once disconnected the property will no longer have an electricity supply. If supply is needed in the future you will need to apply, and pay, for a new connection.

What happens next?

We will process your application and check we have enough information to provide a quote. One of our planners will contact you and discuss your requirements. We will send you a quote within five to 15 working days, which is valid for 180 days.

If you choose to accept our quotation you will need to complete and return the forms sent with the quotation and make payment (via cheque or BACS). We will advise you on how to make sure your site is ready and agree a date with you for the work to start. Usually, we plan in disconnections with six week’s notice, to give your supplier time to remove the electricity meter.

Our team will carry out all works in accordance with our health and safety policies. Once the work is complete, we will return within five working days to backfill and reinstate the existing surface.

Your quotation will be based on the disconnection being carried out within one metre of our network as per the standard Codes of Practice. Guaranteed standards of performance do not apply to disconnections.

If the person dealing with the disconnection request is not the site contact, please inform us as soon as possible and provide contact details for the person on site, in order to prevent any delays.

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