Unmetered connections

Unmetered connections

An unmetered connection includes electrical equipment such as street lights, traffic lights, telecommunications cabinets, advertising units, CCTV, feeding pillars etc. They require an electricity supply that doesn't include a meter recording their energy consumption. Find out more and the process to apply on this page.

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What is an unmetered connection?

An unmetered connection is a supply of electricity to electrical equipment without a meter such as street lights, traffic lights, road signs, telecommunications cabinets, advertising units, CCTV, feeding pillar etc. This is because a metered supply is unsuitable either because a metered connection is impractical, or the load is predictable and significantly lower than normal usage.


What is meant by a metered connection being impractical?

The type of electrical equipment being fed might be technically, financially or for legal reasons impractical to be fed by a meter such as a Health and Safety law.  A metered supply can only be installed into suitable housing which keeps the supply safe and secure. The housing must comply with our policies to provide adequate size, height, location and protection against the weather. If it’s not possible to meet these conditions, then a metred connection may be considered impractical.


What are the load conditions of an unmetered connection?

To use an unmetered supply, the load of the electrical equipment must be predictable and less than 500W.  The industry guidelines set by Ofgem for unmetered supplies encourage Distribution Network Operators (DNO's), including Electricity North West to interpret the guidance in a practical way. In some circumstances, our policy permits feeder pillar connections up to 5kW.

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What do I need to consider before I apply for an unmetered connection?

You can apply online here but please consider the below points before you apply. We are not obliged to provide an unmetered connection, so we recommend that you read the following to ensure the application meets the criteria. 

1: The customer must provide evidence of the permission for of an unmetered connection.
2: The supplier, customer and Electricity North West must all agree to an unmetered connection.
3: If you are moving existing electrical equipment, you must ensure that you have permission from the asset owner and the landowner or highway authority.
4: Section 4 of the National Terms of Connection applies specifically to unmetered supplies and includes the requirement for the customer to provide a detailed inventory of equipment, identifying the location and providing sufficient detail (type, description, and wattage, together with control gear and switching regimes if applicable) to allow calculation of the electricity consumption. We must be notified with any additions, deletions or amendments once per calendar year or as otherwise specified.


The process for an unmetered connection

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